I've only had the opportunity to know Ben and Leslie for the last year. Taylor (my wife)  went to school with Leslie, so when they contacted me about engagement and wedding photos, Taylor was happy to connect with some old friends, and I was happy to make some new ones.

Their engagement shoot was done in Omaha, Nebraska exclusively in the Old Market area. That part of downtown is covered with brick walls, brick streets, interesting shops, and some amazing scenery; which made it perfect for this vibrant couple.

Their wedding was held in Wilcox, Nebraska at the Wilcox Community Church. The church is a small country church that contributed to a very homey, comfortable, and laid-back day. Their reception was held at the Minden fair grounds, and was a blast. The couple and their bridal party were hilariously energetic and ready to have a good time.

I'm honored that Ben and Leslie chose me to capture such important moments in their life. I pray that they have a long and wonderful marriage full of love, laughter, and joy.