You never really know what to expect when getting to know a couple for the first time, and for Colleen and Jamie this was definitely no exception. I first sat down to talk about their story with them at a Scooters in West Omaha. I thought that they were super nice, and maybe even somewhat quiet. I'm not sure what it is about wedding days, but on theirs in particular, they were as vibrant, energetic, and hilarious as ever.

Their day went smoothly and perfectly as we went from Colleen's house in West Omaha, to a Church in Bellevue, and finally to their reception venue at the Bellevue Berry Farm. In the morning, we thought there was going to be a bit of rain, so Taylor and I swung by Walmart to pick up a few umbrellas.

As I mentioned, their reception was at the Bellevue Berry Farm. It was rustic, wooden, and a little vintage. After eating, the cake cutting, and the speeches, they had their dance - which was one of the biggest parties I've experienced - but this wasn't a surprise after spending the day with their crazy (awesome) bridal party. :p

Colleen and Jamie: I'm so happy that you chose Taylor and I to shoot your wedding. It was an amazing experience for us to get to know you guys and get to share in such a precious moment in your lives. We wish you all of the love, joy, and happiness in your wonderful life together.