During my last couple of years at Nebraska Christian, I've gotten to know some pretty amazing people. A couple of those individuals happen to be Jenn and Blake. Jenn has an incredible passion for Jesus, and a pretty amazing gift at communicating that passion. When I took Exegetical Preaching (I think?), Jenn was definitely one of the best communicators in the class. I didn't have as many classes with Blake, but it is definitely evident that he has a passion for students, the Gospel, and his (now) wife.

Jenn and Blake's day was a blast. We spent some time hanging out and shooting pictures  at a park in Bellevue, which just happened to be right across the street from their ceremony location: Calvary Christian Church. They decided that they wanted to have an interactive reception. They didn't do some "traditional" wedding reception stuff, but they had tons of activities and little games for their guests to enjoy.

Jenn and Blake are one of those couples that are going to do amazing things in ministry together. They have an incredible love for their families, for Jesus, and for each other. I wish them all the joy and happiness that marriage can bring, and I pray that God does amazing things through them.