Recently, Taylor and I had the opportunity to shoot a wedding in the Loess Hills in Iowa. This area of the country is incredibly beautiful; with flowing hills, tons of trees, and beautiful valleys. The couple, Andrew and Sarah, both happen to be from this area. To be honest, I didn't realize any landscape that beautiful could be so close to Omaha.

Their wedding day followed an intense storm. We were concerned there might be rain that day, but the rain stayed away and the weather was as perfect as you could hope it would be. The wedding was held at Sarah's Parents' house; which is an iconic, historic, and beautiful house in the middle of the Loess Hills. The brick-and-pillar front of the house made the perfect backdrop for their folksy-whimsical styled wedding.

Taylor and I consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to be invited to shoot such a beautiful wedding. It's so awesome to see how they incorporated God on their wedding day. Taylor and I pray that they continue to allow God to move in their marriage, and in their lives. We wish them a wonderful marriage full of laughter, love, and joy.