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Rothell Family-12.jpg

Ian & Taylor


Ian & Taylor


Hi. My name is Ian. My wife's name is Taylor. Together we're a husband and wife dynamic-photographic-duo that just moved from Omaha to Kansas City.

I first met Taylor during the first class of our freshmen year of college. We exchanged a few words, added each other on Facebook, dated for a while, got engaged in November 2011, and got married in August 2012.

We've had our business, Rothell Photography, for 5 years and have taken great joy in the seniors, couples, and weddings we've had the opportunity to capture.

Taylor says I'm a dreamer. I find joy in taking our photography to new, creative, and exciting areas; discovering different and unique ways to capture anything and everything.

Taylor is a thinker. She loves interacting with people, organizing shoots, and taking care of the business.

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-Ian (& Taylor) Rothell


Photo taken by Lulla Photography. 



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