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Ian & Taylor


Ian & Taylor


Hey, my name is Ian, and I am a Youth Pastor by day, and a photographer by night (well, not always at night, but you know). My passion kicked off in high school when my mom got a new DSLR, and I borrowed it more days than I care to admit. I started off just taking pictures of my friends, but that quickly developed into a passion for portrait photography, landscape photography, and telling stories through the lens of a camera.

As a business, photography really didn't kick off until 2013, but since even before then I've always tried to find a way to help capture memories for anyone I can.

My joys in life are (in no particular order):

  • My wife
  • My sons
  • My Church family
  • Photography
  • Music
  • Reading

For me, photography isn't just capturing an image on a sensor. It's taking beautiful moments of life and freezing them so that those moments can impact us for a lifetime. It's not about looking at pretty colors, bokeh (blurry background in a photo), or shapes, but rather it's about remembering how a moment feels. My goal isn't to capture the way life looks, but rather the way our lives feel.

Stoked to meet you, now let's capture memories.

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-Ian Rothell


Photo taken by Lulla Photography.